Members’ highlights

This page posts recent contributions and achievements of our EPRG members.

2014-12-04. Researcher Daniel Gersten Reiss received the III Ministry of Finance Prize of Economy in the category International Economics . The monograph, entitled “Incoive Curreny in Brazil”, can be found here.

2014-11-14. Researcher Fábio Avila de Castro has its work mentioned in the Brazilian media.  The research showed that the Brazilian Income Tax imposes greater burden, as a proportion to income, on the poor than on the rich. Based on this result, the author discusses tax reforms that could induce a progressive system. The Valor Econômico newspaper writes that the study has been discussed in the government. For the news, in portuguese, click here (in portuguese). The article can be seen here (in Portuguese).

2014-11-10. Researcher Fábio Avila de Castro receives the XIX National Treasury Award – 2014 in the special topics category. The monograph, entitled “Income Tax of Individuals: international comparisons, measures of progressivity and redistribution” was prepared under the advice of Prof. Mauricio Bugarin.

2014-10-02. Professors Marcelo Medeiros, Pedro Ferreira and Fábio Castro had their research on inequality discussed at the New Republic. The article, in English, is available here.

2014-10-02. Prof. Maurício Bugarin’s article “On the optimality of exclusion in multi-dimensional screening” was published on Journal of Mathematical Economics, volume 54, October 2014. The article is coauthored with Paulo Barelli, Suren Basov and Ian King.

2014-06-20. Prof. Denilson Coelho is in the Organizing Committee of the IX Meeting of the Brazilian Political Science Association. The program of the event in now available. Several members of our group will present their research there!

2014.06.04. The paper “Moral & Incentives: An applied mechanism design analysis of a bill that rewards citizens for denouncing corruption in Brazil”, co-authored by Mauricio Bugarin and  Tomás Bugarin, was awarded a Robert D. Cooter Award’s Honorary Mention at ALACDE conference in Guatemala on May 27, 2014.

2013-11-14. Prof. Lucio Rennó Jr. receives the 18th Brazilian Treasury Secretariat Award – 2013 in the Public Sector Economics category with the article: Gastos Públicos, Emendas Orçamentárias do Legislativo e Inclusão Dissipativa nos Municípios Brasileiros: 1998 a 2010.

2013-11-13. Prof. Gil Riella‘s article “Topological Closure of Translation Invariant Preorders” accepted for publication at Mathematics of Operations Research and Prof. Riella’s  article “A Note on Equivalent Comparisons of Information Channels” has been published at Theory and Decision.

2013-11-07. Prof. Wilfredo L. Maldonado receives the  8th SEAE Award-2013 in the Regulation of Economic Activity category, first prize, with the article: Diferenciação de Preços e Custos de Menu nos Pagamentos com Cartão de Crédito.

2013-11.07. Dr. Nathália Almeida de Souza and Prof. Maurício Bugarin receive the 8th SEAE Award-2013 in the Regulation of Economic Activity category, second prize, with the article: Problemas de Seleção Adversa e Perigo Moral nos Procedimentos de Apuração de Descumprimento de Obrigações na Anatel: identificação teórica, evidência estatística e um mecanismo para a sua superação.

2013-09-24. Prof. Pedro Cavalcantes research on retrospective voting and electoral rewards to sound fiscal policy by Brazilian mayors was discussed at the Brazilian National Newspaper O Globo. Please read the article, in Portuguese, here.

2013-08-16. Prof. Gil Riella‘s article “Preference for Flexibility and Dynamic Consistency” accepted for publication at the Journal of Economic Theory, JET.

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