The Economics and Politics Research Group (EPRG) is the main focal point for discussions and research of four University of Brasilia Research Centers, the Research Center on Market Regulation−CERME, the Research Center on Economics and Finance−CIEF, the Research Laboratory 4n Political Behavior, Institutions and Public Policy−LAPCIPP and the Master Program in Public Sector Economics−MESP. The EPRG was launched in 2013 and has over 30 members in Brazil and abroad researching in the areas  of Economics, Political Science, Sociology and the Law, among others. The EPRG holds a weekly seminar and weekly publishes its member’s  working papers. The EPRG fosters joint research between its members,  holds a yearly national event on Economics and Politics and has regular Visiting Researcher Program.

The Economics and Politics Research Group is a CNPq research group. Please check here for the group information at CNPq


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